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Updated December 2004

Local ('specialised') searching

The importance of getting to your signal 'behind' the main search engines is quite evident. Remeber, though, that among our [scrolls] you will find various possibilities to query local search engines on the web...
Specific for www.searchlores.org we have:
1) A "sitemap" for wanderers (wait for upload and gasp in awe)
2) Our amazing "namazu" search engine: [search @ fravia]

So-called "local" (or specialised) search engines are extremely important to fetch info. Freepages providers, counters, stats applications and all other finalized search engines... that you can use at leisure... for fun, study purposes, "strafing", slowbombing and/or knowledge profit. This page of mine is meant only giving you an idea of the many 'local' treasures you can dif out on the Web.
A very important Project: [oslse]
(The Open Source Local Search Engines Project) on our swiss server.

"Local" searching: valuable pointers 

"Local" searching:
valuable pointers
[Hitbox] [Usenet] [Erolinx] [Idexer] [Acrofinder] [OLGA] [AOL]
Russki area tops: [Rambler's top 100] [Spylogs's top] [1000stars's top]

[webrings] [irc searching] [weblog searching] [recall searching]

[Homepages searching] (eheh:-) [Xoom] [Tripod] [Fortunecity] [Geocities] [Crosswind]
See also: LocalPageProviders, huge list:[LPP], and of course check our [scrolls]

Other stuff  

[Robot generated WWW-Indexes]   [WOLF]

[Amazon browser]   [CUI: Computer Science Library]   [Internet library for librarians]

[RFC search]   [FAQ search]   [FAQ search (Utrecht)]  
[RFC search] (Request For Comments archive: more than 3100 RFCs)

Enter the search string, select the type of search, and click on the Search button to initiate the search.

Search RFC Options

Note: These options only pertain to searching the RFC archive (Search RFCs - ...) and not to the "Search RFC Index". The "Show X references per file" option only applies when the "Search RFCs - Show References" search is selected.

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/: Internet FAQ Archives

Quick FAQ Search

http://www.cs.uu.nl/cgi-bin/faqwais: Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods


Local search: valuable pointers

Hitbox (now yep)
Warning!: Advertisement & Akamai webbuggers infested
search model: http://www.yep.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?criteria=%22how+to+search%22&x=28&y=13

Dejavue does not exist any more: it has been acquired by Google

Usenet repository: a dynamic repository of practical wisdom with access to more than 40,000 online discussion forums



More Options
Don't underestimate smut-search engines as learning tools! Go to the Webmasters / chatboard & lounges part of this smut search engine in order to learn how these idiots are trapping lusers to their ads-infernos...

iDexer Adult Search

Don't underestimate smut-search engines as learning tools! ...

Acronim finder

Type in the acronym to search for without periods or quotes (example: ASAP)
Cut and paste following example (and edit):

OLGA Search Engine
(courtesy of P.Cook)
If searching for a song or a band, simply enter the name. Eg 'dont think twice' 'pearl jam'.
If searching for an individual artist, (or a band named after an individual artist) enter the last name (and then, if you want, the first name.) Eg 'cohen leonard' 'piaf edith' 'conte paolo'.
Tabs Bass Tabs Chords ChordproHits Per Page:


The following three russian pointers have been ported here from a closed pagetool of mine: they are quite useful in order to find a lot of interesting stuff (and Bilibin's images). Enjoy!
Rambler's top 100

For instance mp3: http://top100.rambler.ru/top100/MP3/index.shtml.ru

Or free soft and web tools... http://top100.rambler.ru/top100/Software/index.shtml.ru

(search) [Advanced search]

Top100Web at large

Spylog's top

Search spylog

1000stars' top

Webrings searching

How important this can be! A thousand "voluntary operators" at your disposal!
See also
[The importance of Webrings for combing purposes]. You'll use this approach again and again once you'll have understood the limits of the 'main' search engines:-)

World of webrings

http://www.webringworld.org/: World of Webrings
"This web site is the result of the collaborative effort of some experienced ringmasters engaged in the webring community"

http://www.webringworld.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=Search&file=index&mid=15: Webringworld's search function (bad php, does not work properly on good browsers, you may have to use some MSIE-crap for this).

RingSurf Directory

The RingSurf Directory search engine is SLOW, be patient...
Family Filter Off:
among: Keywords Title Description

Yahoo's webrings

Yahoo has 'fagocitated' various webring centrals, but you can still search Yahoo's webrings!

Crickrock rings

http://www.crickrock.com/ringlist.html 'crickrock' rings:
"Face it, Yahoo! screwed you and your webring when they acquired webring.org. Move to CrickRock an d solve your problems"


http://www.ringlink.org/: the Homepage of Ringlink. Ringlink is ...
  1. The Ringlink Program - A Perl program that provides the tools you need to run one or more webrings, i.e. systems of links between related web sites.
  2. The Ringlink Project - An open source project aiming to further develop the Program, and support its use.
http://ringdir.ringlink.org/: Ringlink Webring Directory ("Webrings are a fun and easy way to find groups of websites with related content"

most popular 50

Bravenet 'site rings'


Keyword Search: Category Search:

Weblogs searching

Weblogs... even more blah blah blah you could possibly fear to waste your web-life with:-)

Check the ad hoc blogs section.

Recall searching

Recall is, strictly speaking, no real search engine. But it gives you the possibility to check the spreading and the fortunes of a given 'term' on the web.
So it is, after all a local search engine.

Recall BETA   After before About Recall  Feedback

Homepages searching

Use our [scrolls]!

Woah! Say... have you ever tried some "homepage fishing"? Have a go and lemme know what you think...
Freepage providers are of course pavid commecial bastards, that you should avoid at all cost for real publishing purposes... BUT NOT for searching purposes. Infact these clowns will ruthlessly use everything you post, they will track (cowardly & hiddenly) any visit to your site, and at the same time they will be pleased to nuke your site -just in case- as soon as they realize that you are offering for free something that they would like to sell... yet they are not very clever, Gott sei dank, and their grepping bots are quite simple & silly (or worse). Therefore ~S~eekers can still find -through these very "free" sites' specific search engines- a lotta "hidden" sites with valuable (if scattered) info... yet you better understand the
[evaluation] lore first

homepage searchingengines: hpsearch.unitrier.de

An interesting trick (by sonofsamiam) in order to rank, for instance, all geocities pages (are they really 132150?) through the following querystring:
Note the rank order... and note that we loose only relatively few pages (less than 4%!) if we omit the numbers in our searchstring:
this "number rarity" (only 7% of the pages: 9242) proves once more how PREDICTABLE the stringpatterns are inside webpages...


Other Xoom masks
Search tips

Tripod (& Angelfire)


Search Tripod on "how to search":

Search Angelfire (connected to Tripod) on "how to search":


Fortunecity is a collection of free pages, launched in November 1996, transformed from a UK-based (London) company into a full-fledged international operator with main strongholds in UK, Sweden and Germany. Bought recently France's Citeweb. 3,5 million sites, growing.
Fortunecity Searchstring



http://www.geocities.com/cgi-bin/search/isearch The search engine is an Inktomi-type. Geocities pages are often used as 'repositories' for files you may be searching for (often with faked endings to avoid sysads snooping): mp3 files abound.

Keyword Search for Crosswind

Search for:

Other stuff

Robot generated WWW-Indexes (obsolete entry)

Indexes of WWW-based resources generated by robots
Search term:

Wide Open Listing Forum (WOLF) (obsolete entry)

Help on Search

Amazon browser (entry: 02.2004)

Amazon browser "A tool for browsing the mass of literature, music and film contained in the Amazon database, by exploring links between related items"

Internet library for librarians (entry: 02.2004)

http://www.itcompany.com/inforetriever/: Internet library for librarians,
"A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession"

CUI: Computer Science Library (entry: 02.2004)

CUI: Computer Science Library: (Unige),
"This database lists all the publications in the CUI's Computer Science library."

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