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in fieri: I may add a lot of people, eheh

I said to myself: what the hell... all these virtual friends of mine did get suddendly a face, we met personally out of the virtual void... we drank together... shouldn't we remember the rare -great- moments when virtual life suddendly gets real? Factum abiit, monimenta manent (sortof). Of course I respected the 'anonimity' wishes of some of my friends :-)

+Malattia with one of +fravia's sons, Venice, Summer 1988
+Malattia: Italian reversing Guru
Perl -inter alia- programmer, book-writer, capable talent-scout and good friend since many years

Visit his [site]

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman working in +fravia's Library, Winter 2001
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Richard Stallman: GNU/Linux maximus Guru, free software defender
A hero, a man that deserves all my respect, and then some.
A fighter, a wizard, a coder, a wise man.

Visit his [stallman] and [GNU's Not Unix!] sites!

Laurent & DQ

DQ and Laurent at fravia's, March 2001
The two PHP wizards, together! Who's who?

Visit the [PHP Lab!]


Lefaf @ Ebenezer's dinner, April 2001
A mighty proxies wizard: a man that speaks with datagrams
& trees on a far away longitude, a revered friend of mine

Study his [contributions]


Svd @ Fravia's, June 2002
A mighty programmer wizard, and a VERY wise gentleman at the same time...
...the ideal combination, both in Oz and in Europe.

Every single line he wrote is worth reading. Find his scripts!


Forseti in Europe, January 2005
A mighty reverser, a clever photographer, a good friend...

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